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Absolute Beginners SALSALISA Online Course

*Please note you need a 'gmail' address to access this course.* Take your first steps with SalsaLisa! All the basics you need, ake as much time as you need and remember that practice makes progress!!
For many years students have turned up to class, had an amazing time, and then asked the same question: 'where can I watch this online??' We have also had students who bravely turn up for a first class only to struggle and find that learning to dance doesn't come easy right off the bat (not their fault by the way!!) and who have needed some careful nurturing to keep them on that dancefloor. Finally, we have students rush their way through the beginner levels and then find they plateau just before it gets exciting.... All these people are prone to quit and therefore miss out on what can be the most amazing dance journey. For all these reasons we have developed and created our series of SalsaLisa Online Courses. Contact lisa@salsaoxford.com with any queries.

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